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Oakmasters' blog is full of useful information on sustainability, self building and oak framing as well as our latest news and case studies. Use the tag system at the bottom of this page to navigate to articles that interest you. We hope you enjoy reading... 

Stay connected with Oakmasters via social media

Posted 29th Jan 2015

Take a look at our social media channels now and get liking and following to see all of our latest information from the Oakmasters team. Feel free to join the conversation too!

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Case study: The making of an oak framed home

Posted 27th Jan 2015

Oakmasters managed this ten month project, right from its initial concept. However we also managed to catch-up with Mr Peter Childs once his project was complete, to see what it was like working with Oakmasters.

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Interviewing Oakmasters' longest standing joiner, David

Posted 23rd Jan 2015

David is our longest serving team member and has been working with our family business in Sussex for over 28 years. Throughout this time, David has seen many changes to the business and the industry, with a move towards using more advanced methods and incorporating technology to achieve more intricate designs. We pulled David away from the workshop to ask him a few questions!

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Designing your Bespoke Garage with Oakmasters!

Posted 17th Jan 2015

Building a bespoke garage is the perfect addition to your home. It can protect your vehicles from the elements and keep them safe and secure at night. However, a garage can be much more than that!

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Setting New Year’s Resolutions… for your home!

Posted 8th Jan 2015

Leaving 2014 behind, we’re excited about what may be in store for us in 2015. However, it’s also that time of year again, when many of us enjoy reflecting on the 12 months that have passed by and making improvements, setting ambitions and creating goals for the months that lay ahead. Why not set New Year’s Resolutions for your home?

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Reminiscing over some of our 2014 projects!

Posted 8th Jan 2015

It has definitely been a busy year and so we thought we’d take this opportunity to look back at some of the projects we've worked on at Oakmasters during 2014. If you’re planning on starting your own project in 2015, these will definitely give you some inspiration!

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Plan your home renovations and improvements with help from these winter shows!

Posted 11th Dec 2014

With the cold, wet weather and the long, dark nights, it’s no surprise that we would prefer to wrap up warm inside this season, rather than venturing out and about. However, now is the perfect time to start thinking about any work you would like to do to your home in 2015!

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Introducing Oakmasters encapsulated glazing system

Posted 4th Dec 2014

We can definitely feel the temperatures dropping, with frosty mornings starting to appear and it’s reported to get even colder over the weekend. However, when you’re relaxing at home, how do you shut out the winter weather? Don’t just close your curtains and turn up your heating… Make sure you have a good quality glazing system for your doors and windows.

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