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Timber, a versatile and renewable material

Posted 17th Oct 2023

This editorial highlights the multiple environmental advantages and potential for reuse and recycling that make timber a key player in the quest for a more sustainable and resource-efficient building industry.

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Transforming a Former Café into a Character Property

Posted 30th Sep 2023

Grant Remington transformed a forgotten café in Cumbria into an exceptional family home with stunning countryside views.

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Statement Oak Beams at the Heart of Historic Home

Posted 9th Aug 2023

When Property developer Mark Howard was offered the unique opportunity to rebuild part of a historic home in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Oakmasters was able to provide him with two solid oak king trusses to create a breath-taking vaulted ceiling that houses the bespoke, hand-made kitchen.

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A Spectacular Centrepiece for Scottish Self-Build

Posted 29th Jul 2023

Oakmasters has provided a showpiece structural oak frame that provides a dramatic vaulted ceiling for the open-plan living room.

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Beautiful Barn Renovation in Piddle Valley

Posted 27th Jun 2023

In the heart of the stunning Piddle Valley, Huw Jones has transformed a dilapidated barn into a stunning family home. Oakmasters has worked with Huw for over two years, providing a bespoke roof, mezzanine floor, and statement entranceway for this enchanting period property.

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An Elegant Entranceway for a Cheshire Property

Posted 3rd May 2023

Despite hundreds of miles between this Cheshire home and the Oakmasters West Sussex workshop, the team worked hand-in-hand with a logistics firm and local tradespeople to create this elegant entranceway.

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Oak Extension that Delivers the Wow Factor

Posted 24th Apr 2023

Stuart McCutchen and his partner purchased a dilapidated bungalow in 2018 and set about demolishing it and creating their dream home. In late 2022, they finally finished – with a solid oak extension at the rear that really added the final wow factor.

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A Bespoke Oak Porch for the Perfect Home

Posted 22nd Feb 2023

At Oakmasters, our expert craftspeople are experienced at building bespoke oak structures. We bring sketches to life on the page, in the digital environment, and finally, in person. It’s the process we followed with luxury property developer Bentier.

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