Cosmetic oak cladding

Cosmetic oak cladding, also known as mock Tudor cladding or oak wall cladding, offers an elegant alternative to solid oak beams, providing the cosmetic appearance of supporting beams without the structural cost. If you're searching for wood cladding options, oak cladding is the ideal choice. Our oak feather edge cladding delivers both aesthetics and durability, making it perfect for enhancing the visual appeal of your building while maintaining cost-efficiency. 

Exterior cosmetic oak cladding on a spacious Tudor-style house.

Our oak cladding services

Our team of skilled craftsmen specialise in creating Tudor-style oak cladding kits. Whether you provide us with plans or photographs, we can design and produce an authentic oak cladding kit tailored to your project.

These kits are designed for easy installation by your chosen builder, adding a distinctive period feature to your property.

Interior cosmetic oak cladding on bedroom walls gives character and charm to the space.

Oak Cladding Kits: Tailored for Your Installation Needs

Our oak cladding kits are designed to be treated as runs of material, allowing for installation flexibility. They come in over-length pieces, ready for your local contractor to install according to your project's needs. If you require specialised advice or assistance for a more complex project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.

Interior Oak Cladding

Enhancing the room's charm and character with cosmetic oak cladding on the walls.

Bring warmth and elegance inside with oak cladding

Create an inviting and warm interior space with our interior oak cladding solutions. From oak wall cladding to oak beam cladding, our range of options allows you to bring the beauty and character of oak indoors. Whether you're aiming for a traditional or contemporary look, our oak cladding interior options provide versatility in design.

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Exterior oak cladding

Exterior cosmetic oak cladding on this commercial premises gives it a luxurious finish.

Bring character to THE property with oak cladding

Transform the appearance of your property with our exterior oak cladding solutions. Our oak cladding kits, including mock Tudor cladding and oak feather edge cladding, are designed to transform the look and feel of your property.  Enhance your property's exterior with the timeless charm of precision-made oak solutions.

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Our oak cladding options

We offer a variety of cladding options, whether it's for interior or exterior use. Here are some key features of our oak cladding:

  • Historic charm: Cosmetic oak cladding captures the timeless charm of traditional British architecture. It enhances the atmosphere, character, and overall finish of a building.
  • Customised design: Our cladding solutions are based on architect's plans or your scale drawings. We can tailor the design to your specific project requirements.
  • Cosmetic framework: While Tudor frames were once essential for structural integrity, they are now sought-after features. We can provide these frames at a fraction of the cost of a solid frame.
  • Design Flexibility: We aim to meet your individual needs. You can choose to work with our design team or provide your own design. Additionally, you can select the degree of Hand Wrought finish to match your building's style.
  • Fully Numbered Kit: All components are manufactured by Oakmasters and supplied as a fully numbered kit for easy installation. Sections are typically over-length to ensure precise fitting on-site.
  • Concealed Fastening: We use countersunk screws to attach the cladding sections to walls. Oak Grain Plugs can be added to conceal the screws, providing a traditional appearance.
  • Natural Character: The spaces between each beam can be rendered or left to showcase the natural character of the brickwork, achieving the effect of a structural Tudor Oak Framework.

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