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Oak Extensions

Oakmasters' have over 30-years' worth of experience in building stunning oak extensions and other oak buildings. Our oak framed extensions are recognised for their beauty and exceptional quality. We pay a lot of attention to your needs and ideas, and will help you design and build an oak extension exactly as you want. Using traditional oak framing techniques, coupled with most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, we create modern and comfortable oak extensions that are not only beautiful, but also boast excellent environmental credentials.

Is an oak framed extension right for me?

Extending your house is a huge commitment, but ultimately, it will be a rewarding experience. You will gain additional family or entertainment space and also add value to your property. There are many benefits to choosing oak frame as a construction method for your extension. Here are a few of them:

Why get Oakmasters to build your oak extension?

What are my next steps?

Our oak extension services

Our oak frame extensions always bear the hallmarks of our extremely high standards. We finish all our components with enormous care and attention to detail. In addition, our building and design services are completely flexible:

Full architectural services including concept designplanning applicationsdetailed oak frame designbuilding regulations and structural engineering.

Manufacture and assembly of the very highest quality, hand-finished oak frame.

Scalable solutions: from simply supplying the frame, to full turnkey packages, via our national network of building contractor partnerships.

Supply and installation of related softwood sub-framing such as stud-work, joisting and rafters.

Supply and installation of related joinery products such as windows and external doors.

Supply and installation of various types of weather-tight shell wall build up, with finishes ranging from oak or softwood feather edge cladding, to exposed oak infill panels which are ready to render, or ready for masonry outer walls.

Leak-proof Encapsulated oak frame glazing, both supply and installation.

Augmented frame requirements utilising other materials such as glulam and steel.

Building your oak extension

Once the drawings and plans have been signed off, we can begin the manufacture of the oak frame in our workshops, while you get on with ground and other preparatory works on your site. For this, you can work with your own contractor, or if you require, we can recommend a reliable building firm in your area.

Once the site is ready, the oak extension kit is delivered and our assembly team will move in to erect the oak frame. This process takes a few days or a couple of weeks, it all depends on the size and complexity of your oak framed extension.

Once the oak frame is up, we recommend you use your roofing contractor to complete the roof. We can also recommend reliable building firms to do this if you require. The wall build up or glazing is carried out by our teams in combination with building/glazing contractors, depending on the design.  You can read more about our building encapsulation methods here.

Frequently asked questions relating to oak framed extensions

Can you design my oak framed extensions from scratch?

Yes. We offer full oak extension architectural and engineering services, which are subsidised and therefore very competitively priced.

Can you help with the planning application and engineering for my oak extension?

Yes. This can be part of our architectural service offer.

Can you manufacture my oak framed extension based on architect’s drawings?

Yes. We take on your architect’s plans and produce specialist oak frame engineering and production drawings, which we then use for manufacture.

Can you provide a complete design to build solution for my oak extension?

We will work with you on a fully flexible basis. Many of our clients prefer to use their own building contractors and come to us for oak frame supply only. Others, however require complete solution, which we are also able to help with. We can provide complete building services for your house or extension through our network of reliable building contractors specifically in your area. 

How much does it cost to build and oak framed extension?

The cost of an oak extension will vary depending on size and complexity. The best way to work out approximate costs is to chat to one of our team and let them know what you are thinking of. We will be able to give you budgetary costs reasonably quickly.

Is an oak extension eco-friendly?

Oak is eco-friendly. This method of construction is one of the most sustainable ways of building. This is down to the fact that the tree is local to Europe and is used in its raw form (green). Typically, oak will be on your building site, ready for assembly, having only been through three processes: felling, sawing and jointing. All of this is done on a small industrial scale, as most oak frame construction is for private properties. And, providing the oak is sourced from sustainably managed forests, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice for the future generations.


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