Oak Framed Extensions

Oakmasters' have over 30-years' worth of experience in creating stunning oak extensions and other oak buildings. Our oak framed extensions are recognised for their beauty and exceptional quality. 

Double storey oak framed house extension adding luxurious space and charm to the country property

Using traditional oak framing techniques, coupled with the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, we make modern and comfortable oak extensions that are not only beautiful but also boast excellent environmental credentials.

Two storey oak framed house extension, contributing to the luxury and charm of the rural property.

An oak extension from Oakmasters means:

Why an oak framed extension?

There are many benefits to choosing oak frame as a construction method for your extension. Here are a few of them:

Add value with an oak framed extension

Oak framed extension adds value to a property with its natural wooden charm.

Extending a house will always add value to the property. Yet, when you opt for oak as your building material, you not only make a wise investment but also enhance the potential resale value significantly. 

Oak is commonly associated with luxury, and while it may need a larger upfront investment during construction, it's a choice that promises substantial returns down the line.  

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Beautiful and sustainable oak extensions

Oak framed extension offers sustainable elegance and charm

Oak possesses certain qualities that make it simply feel good. It's warm and inviting, yet strong and dependable.  It is thanks to these qualities that the popularity of oak extensions has never dwindled.

Additionally, you can rest easy, knowing our oak is sustainably sourced and certified, ensuring its strong environmental credentials.  

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Quick to build oak framed extension 

Oak framed extensions: Quick construction for time efficient builds.Oak extension kits are manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshops, while groundworks and other preparatory building work take place on-site. Once completed, the oak frame kit is transported to your site, ready for your skilled craftsmen to carry out the assembly.  The timeframe for assembly depends on the size of the oak extension but typically takes only a few days or weeks.

This streamlined process ensures a fast and efficient construction, bringing your vision to life in minimal time.

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Frequently asked questions relating to oak framed extensions

Can you help with the design, planning application and engineering for my oak extension?

We don't have these capabilities in-house, but we work with a number of specialists in the field, whom we can recommend.

Can you manufacture my oak framed extension based on architect’s drawings?

If you already have an architectural design for your oak framed extension, this will need to be adapted for manufacture. We can recommend specialist oak frame designers and structural engineers to help you turn your concept design into production drawings.

Can you provide a complete design to build solution for oak extensions?

We focus on what we do best: crafting high quality oak framed extensions. Whilst we do not have in-house design and assembly capabilities, we work with a network of specialist oak frame designers and installers we can recommend. That way, you can cut out the middle man.

How much does it cost to build and oak framed extension?

The cost of an oak extension will vary depending on size and complexity. The best way to work out approximate costs is to chat to one of our team and let them know what you are thinking of. We will be able to give you budgetary costs reasonably quickly.

Is an oak extension eco-friendly?

Oak is eco-friendly. This method of construction is one of the most sustainable ways of building. This is down to the fact that the tree is local to Europe and is used in its raw form (green). Typically, oak will be on your building site, ready for assembly, having only been through three processes: felling, sawing and jointing. All of this is done on a small industrial scale, as most oak frame construction is for private properties. And, providing the oak is sourced from sustainably managed forests, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice for the future generations.