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Oak Roofs and Oak Trusses

Elevation and vertical space are luxuries associated not only with traditional architecture. Modern oak framed buildings use traditional designs combined with cutting edge methods to complement modern architecture and provide a sense of expanse and status. Oak roof trusses and oak roof rafters can add enormous long term value to building developments. Oak vaulted ceilings with oak roof trusses and roof rafters create a striking visual effect and a sense of height, space and luxury, making your home a stunning place to live, whilst adding value to your property.

Why build with oak trusses from Oakmasters?

Types of roof trusses

The variety of oak roof trusses is bewildering and there are countless variations on each theme. You could split the types of oak roof into three main categories from the point of view of their use:

General roof trusses for vaulted ceilings

For a beautiful vaulted ceiling without any specific restrictions, you have a wide choice of oak roof trusses. Your choice depends on your aesthetic preference, but these are the most common options:

King post truss – a classic, triangle shape with straight vertical post coming from the middle of the tie beam, with diagonal struts. King post trusses come in a number of variations, often with curved diagonal struts.

Oak king post trusses create vaulted ceiling in a kitchen extension
Oak king post trusses create a sense of open space in this oak framed kitchen extension.

Queen post truss – two vertical posts and a collar form a square or rectangular shape inside the triangle. A variation of this oak truss is a curved, angled queen post truss, without the collar beam and with curved vertical posts.

A variation on a traditional queen post truss is a curved angled queen post truss
A variation on a traditional queen post truss is a curved angled queen post truss.

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Roof trusses for extra head room

Our clients often require enough head room for people to walk under trusses comfortably or to optically increase the space, without increasing the overall height of the roof. This is a common requirement, hence there are many elegant solutions for this type of roof.

Raised tie truss or raised collar truss – is a truss modified to create extra head room by raising the tie beam or the collar beam further up and redistributing the pressures using additional braces and other components. An alternative option to this would be a scissor truss, which creates additional head room in the centre of the truss rather than raising the entire tie or collar beam.

Raised tie king post truss
Raised tie king post truss creates a sense of vast amount of space in this oak framed kitchen and living space.

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Roof trusses for lofts and attics

Raised tie and raised collar trusses are suitable for most lofts and attics, however, there are other options to make even more of your space.

Interrupted tie truss - if you want to create even more head room and widen the habitable space in your loft, then this truss is perfect. It allows to raise the eaves without raising the overall height of the building, creating a wider living space in your attic.

Interrupted tie truss in an attic bedroom
This attic bedroom benefits from raised eaves, giving it a wider space thanks to the use of oak trusses with interrupted tie beams.

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Roof trusses for restricted height

If you have height restrictions in place, you don’t need to compromise on your desire to have an oak roof. Our expert team can help you design the perfect oak roof for projects such as swimming pools, orangeries or extensions with a flat roof requirement.

Flat top truss - essentially a half truss, providing structural support for an orangery roof. Flat top oak trusses are designed to support lanterns – large glass domes or pyramids that fit on top of a flat roof to allow the natural light to flood in.

Flat top truss in an oak framed orangery
Oak framed orangery extension featuring flat top trusses.

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Other oak roof components

Our bespoke oak roofing components include various options for styles of oak trusses, oak wall plates, oak purlins and oak ridge beams. For a more period feel, opt for oak rafters, or oak sarking boards over the top instead of plasterboard.

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