Oak beams, oak ceiling beam layouts and other components

Our oak beams and components range from single oak posts to integrated oak ceiling beam layouts. We’ve been providing our products as beautifully hand finished, lasting features, bearing the hallmarks of traditional British architecture for over thirty years.
Oak beams in the kitchen, providing structural support and adding character to the space.
Whether manufactured to be structural, blend seamlessly with ancient timbers or stand out as purely decorative, our oak beams are always of the finest quality, finished using our unique hand wrought process, and if required, also fumed to enhance the natural hue of the oak.

How do Oakmasters' oak beams differ from others?

Superior surface finish - our oak beams and oak posts all feature smooth surface finish to enhance the visual quality of the oak beams. Each exposed surface of every oak beam is planed to remove saw marks and smooth the corners. 

Ready-to-install oak beam and post kits - as well as oak beams, we can help you create spectacular doorways or oak beam and post structures featuring oak posts, oak lintels and curved oak braces. Following your designs and specifications, we can manufacture and supply oak frame kits, fully tenoned and mortised, marked up and sent to you over length, ready to be installed on site. We can also manufacture and supply oak beam ceiling layouts to your design and specifications. All joints are cut out in our workshops, leaving you to concentrate on other building work. The layouts are supplied as kits, with both main oak beams and joists left over length, ready for adjustment on site during installation.

Exceptional value and lead time - our pricing and lead times are designed for trade, so you can rest assured you will get excellent value and service.

Oak beam kits

Structural oak beam in the living room, offering support and enhancing the room's character.

At Oakmasters, we provide oak beams that work for both aesthetic and structural purposes, allowing you to bring character and charm into your home.  Whether you have a specific design and dimensions in mind or need assistance, we can work with you to create the perfect oak beam solution. 

If necessary, we can connect you with experienced professionals who can help you with your plan, design, and install the beams to your requirements.  Our oak beams get delivered to you in a convenient kit form, simplifying the installation process for your convenience. 

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Oak component kits

Oak components surrounding the window in the bathroom, providing concealment and support

Our oak components play a versatile role in the home.  They can be used to frame and enhance areas of your home, adding a touch of elegance and functionality.  Oak components can be used to conceal unsightly elements, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing living. 

Whether you're looking to frame a feature or mask an eyesore, our oak components are designed to meet your specific needs.  We can also connect you with skilled tradesmen if you require assistance with planning, design, or installation.  These oak components are delivered in kit form, making the installation process quick and straightforward. 

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Frequently asked questions about oak beams

Q: Can you help with design and structural calculations for my oak beam kit?

A: Our focus lies in manufacturing and exceptional finish of the oak beam kits. We do not offer design or structural calculation services in house, however, we have a network of specialist oak frame designers and engineers, whom we are happy to put you in touch with.

Q: Will my oak beams shrink and split?

A: All green oak shrinks and cracks as it dries. Oak beams always shrink across the grain, not along the grain, so there is no structural risk resulting from shrinking. We only buy THB or THA structural grade oak beams, which are further checked for defects by our trained production staff, before being processed. Find out more about oak shrinking and cracking.