Case study: An impressive oak pool building in rural Sussex

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23rd Jun 2015

When a customer approaches us with an idea or drawings for a project that pushes the boundaries of oak framing, it’s always an exciting prospect. For this unique oak framed pool building project in particular, the wide spans involved required specialist craftsmanship and attention.

This oak swimming pool enclosure was to append an existing Edwardian home in rural Sussex. Part of the design brief was to focus on utilising space and light to accentuate the beauty of the building’s location. Oakmasters worked with the client’s architect to engineer a solution that would allow for the build of a cavernous room showcasing structural roof trusses.


The King Post oak trusses in this project are an impressive 10 metres wide and span further than the pool itself. This was to allow space for a generous seating area with rattan furniture, a hot tub, sauna, changing room and a bathroom.


The pivotal element of this project though lies with the raised tie beams, which have been shifted higher than usual, to push out the angle of the oak trusses. Weighing in at a hefty 600 kilos each (300cm x 250cm), the tie beams enable the truss to be wider, enlarging the space and giving the building a sense of grandeur.


With the additional unobtrusiveness of the gently curved braces, the vista from one end of the building to the other is quite distinctive, where the oak trusses appear to float above the pool.

Despite the large section sizes, the simple, uncluttered design and absence of the usual array of rafters makes this oak pool building feel light and airy. Its clean, modern lines are a great example of how a rich timber like oak can work in a more contemporary setting. Large areas of glazing let in plenty of light and on hot days, the charcoal grey, bi-fold aluminium doors conveniently concertina away to the sides. This feature allows for a seamless connection from inside, out to the patio, BBQ and garden area, giving you best of both worlds. However, the master stroke is the glazed area of the hipped roof, which fires an extra burst of light into the pool and sitting area.


Once the project was complete, we spoke with the owner of this beautiful pool room, to see what he thought of the process and the finished result:

Why did you choose Oakmasters for your project?
We initially considered two quotes, then decided to go with Oakmasters as they came across as the most professional, in the way that the quote was presented, as well as the people involved in the business.

What was it like working with Oakmasters?
During the 6 months of working with Oakmasters, we didn’t have any fears that we had made the wrong decision. They left the site very clean and tidy at the end of each day and everything came together as planned.

What was the most exciting part of your project?
The most exciting part was watching the oak roof trusses go up. Until this point, it was just a building site and so when the crane came and the trusses were fitted in place, it all seemed to start coming together.

Would you recommend Oakmasters to your friends and family?
Yes, I would recommend Oakmasters without a doubt.

For more pictures from this project, take a look at our video:

Would you love a beautiful oak pool building which you could enjoy throughout the year? Take a look at our gallery here for further inspiration from some of our projects. Or, if you would like any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01444 455 455.


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