Oak Porches and Oak Porch Kits

Oak porches come in a variety of styles, from simple open or glazed sheltered entrance ways to more elaborate designs that create a welcoming transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

oak Framed PorchES

Our oak porch kits are made with great precision, using state of the art machinery, making them easy to install.  We manufacture oak framed porches to your exact requirements, with a planed finish, to take off the saw marks and smooth over the rough edges of beams.

Whether you're looking for the charm of an enclosed oak framed porch or would like the openness of an open oak framed porch, Oakmasters is here to help create your desired timber framed porch that fits your home. 

An oak porch, crafted to your specifications, creating a welcoming entryway with this bespoke enclosed oak framed porch.
Enclosed oak framed porch
An open oak framed porch made to perfection. Our oak porches enhance the entrance of your home
Open oak framed porch

Oak Porch Supply services

Our timber framed porches are designed and made as oak porch kits, where they are supplied ready for your local contractor to install.

The assembly of an Oakmasters oak porch kit is designed to be a simple procedure. The oak porch components are produced with all the joints pre-cut and all components are marked up allowing for easy assembly.

We supply the complete oak porch frame, including oak pegs, all for self-assembly. For other fixings, bricks, or tiles, contact your local builders' merchant.

Exploring Oak Porch Designs

To help you get started with your project, you can explore our collection of oak porch designs below.  These designs can serve as a foundation for your bespoke oak porch, allowing you to identify elements that resonate with your vision. 

Should none of these pre-existing designs align with your requirements, then feel free to sketch your ideas out and we can offer guidance from there. 

Oak porch design ideas, to help select your oak framed porch style
Pre-existing oak porch designs

Initial cost estimate

Once you've captured your ideas in a sketch, we can offer an initial cost estimate to help you in the early stages before proceeding with detailed 3D design work.  However, it's important to have the dimensions of your porch ready before we move forward. You can refer to our guide below to help you record these dimensions.   Feel free to get in touch with us to initiate a conversation about your oak porch project.

Drawing helping you to measure out the space for your oak framed porch
Guide to measure your porch

Involving specialised contractors

Our commitment to precision through the use of our machinery aims to simplify the installation of your oak framed kit.  It is therefore important to make sure you have already engaged with a specialised contractor for your 3D design and structural calculations before we start the production of your bespoke oak porch kit, 

Placing your order

Once you are happy with the price and design for your porch, and you have your professional CAD drawings and structural calculations in hand, you are now ready to place an order directly with us and your new oak framed porch can go into production.

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