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Oak Framed Houses

Over the last 30 years Oakmasters have created a multitude of spectacular oak buildings, from contemporary oak houses, to more traditional style period homes. Both our contemporary and period oak framed houses use cutting edge design and technology, fused with traditional methods to create beautiful, modern and comfortable homes with impressive environmental credentials.

Why build an oak framed house?

Building a house is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Choosing to build with oak is a matter of personal taste. Oak is a luxurious, living and breathing building material, an affordable luxury that adds vitality, warmth and creates a wonderful ambiance. But the aesthetic qualities of oak aren’t the only reason to choose it:

Why work with oakmasters?

What to do next?

If you already own land or have your eye on a specific plot, it's best to get in touch with us as early on in the process as possible. We are happy to get involved in your oak frame building project at any point, but we find that clients contact us at one of three stages:

  1. You need planning services – if you do not have planning permission or you need revisions to your existing planning, we can assist with concept designs and execute the planning the application process on your behalf. We will work closely with you to conceive an oak frame house design that fits your vision. We can also liaise with external planning consultants to aid the process and iron out any difficulties. Your project can then progress to the next stage.
  2. You already have planning permission – Oakmasters will take on your existing scheme and will work with you to bring to life the ideal oak frame design for your requirements, while carefully considering other engineering, architectural and regulatory issues. From this point we can provide you with the complete set of drawings, specifications and structural calculations for your oak framed house required to satisfy building regulations and to proceed with your build. We can then begin the manufacture of the frame for your house.
  3. Your architect needs specialist oak frame design – in this case, we can take your full specifications and work with you and your architect to engineer an oak frame aligned with your existing design. Oakmasters will act as an oak frame engineering consultant for your architect to use as required. 

If you would like to discuss a self-build project with us, why not start with a free introductory meeting? Come in for a discussion and bring any photographs, sketches, or mood board as well as plot location details and plans you already have. We like to be involved as early in the process as possible, even if you have your own architect or structural engineer, as we can add valuable input even before you apply for planning.

Our Oak framed house services

Our oak frame houses always bear the hallmarks of our extremely high standards. We finish all our components with enormous care and attention to detail. In addition, our building and design services are completely flexible:

How is an oak framed house constructed?

There will always be two elements to the construction of and oak framed house: the oak frame manufacture and assembly and the general building work. The oak frame is manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshops, while the building contractor carries out groundworks on on your site, building the base for the oak frame to sit on. This can be just footings, in case of a complete oak framed house, or oak framed extension, or a complete first floor if you are planning a hybrid house combining oak with traditional masonry.

The oak frame is then delivered to your site and our assembly team moves in to erect the structure, including the main structural frame, house wrap and softwood sub-frame if required. The house wrap is a membrane, which wraps the oak frame on the outside, creating a waterproof barrier between the outside and the inside. The external wall build up then depends on your choice. Choosing traditional wall build up such as brick, stone or render will give you a classic look, while the contemporary encapsulation systems including SIPs or encapsulated glazing, give you a modern look as well as providing faster construction and better insulation credentials. You can find out more about the modern encapsulation methods here.

The building contractor then constructs the roof, making the structure rain proof and installs all necessary services into the walls and floors. Our assembly team will then complete the building by installing joinery such as windows, external doors and staircases.

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Frequently asked questions about oak houses 

Can you help with plot finding?

Oakmasters do not offer plot finding service. Please contact your local authorities for help with plot finding in your area.

Can you help with planning advice and planning application for my oak framed house?

Yes we can. Where necessary, if things are a little tricky, we have our own planning consultants we can introduce, but in most situations our standard design / planning application service is all you need. Alternatively, we can work with your own professionals and offer any specialist assistance necessary. Call us for details, or find out more about our planning design services here.

Can you design an oak framed house from scratch?

Yes, we have a specialist in-house design team, who can design a complete house from scratch, whether it is a fully oak framed building or a hybrid house. Starting with a concept design, and concluding the process with full engineering drawings, we are able to offer a full design service. The service is effectively subsidised by our oak framing business so it is a very economical way of getting your project started. Find out more about our oak frame design services here.

I already have an architect, can you work together on my house design?

Yes, we work with architects and surveyors to consult on the specialist oak frame design part of the job. Your architect or surveyor can contact us at any stage, but best to do so as early as possible to avoid duplication of efforts. You want to have the best team of specialists working on your house right from the start. Our specialist knowledge of oak framing means that we are able to provide useful and valuable advice of the feasibility of the oak frame even during the concept design for your house. We also find that contacting us before applying for planning permission can be useful, as we can offer our services during the iteration process as your oak house goes through planning.

Can you provide a complete design to build solution for my house?

We are able to work with you on a fully flexible basis. Many of our clients prefer to use their own building contractors and come to us for oak frame supply only. Others, however require complete solution, which we are also able to help with. We can provide complete building services for your house through our network of reliable building contractors specifically in your area. 

How much does it cost to build an oak framed house?

The cost of build depends on so many factors, so it is almost impossible to give a general answer to this question. Things to consider are: what budget do you think you have for your build, how much time pressure you are in, planning situation, dream design you would like, size of the building you would like, your location, listed status, glazing requirements etc. However, we are able to give you an idea of budgetary costs fairly quickly once we know approximately what it is that you are looking for. The best thing to do is to give us a call and chat with us on the phone. We don't have pushy sales people, so even if you are the research stage and are comparing different build methods, we will be able to have a chat with you to give you a rough idea.

Is an oak framed house Eco friendly?

Building a house using oak frame is one of the most Eco friendly build methods. Our green oak is sourced from European FSC or PECF certified sawmills, which means it is grown sustainably as a crop. Green oak requires less energy for processing than other traditional building materials such as bricks or steel. Oak frames work well with the most advanced insulation materials and can be adapted to suit passive house standards if required, reducing overall energy consumption. Find out more about the green credentials of oak frame construction here.


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