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Over the last 30 years, Oakmasters has been at the forefront of manufacturing a diverse range of spectacular oak buildings, ranging from contemporary oak framed houses to timeless period homes. 

Large oak frame houses made to order as an oak framed house kit by Oakmasters

Our dedication to excellence extends to both contemporary and period oak framed houses, where we use cutting edge technology, with traditional craftsmanship.  This result is a collection of beautiful, modern, and inviting homes that not only provide comfort but also boast impressive environmental credentials.

Oak framed house going up

Watch a time-lapse video of one of our oak framed houses going up.

Your oak frame house kit?

Fast, Cost-Effective, and tailored service 

At Oakmasters, we specialise in manufacturing oak frame house kits with real precision and expertise.  Our mission is to offer you a fast, affordable, and personalised journey throughout your project.  We focus on providing competitive lead times and prices for all our oak framed houses.  We can also advise you on practical questions about oak frame house kits and put you in touch with the right specialists to help you with oak framed house design, planning consent, and installation. 

Accurately cut and beautifully finished oak frame 

Our commitment to excellence extends to the quality and beauty of our oak frames. We manufacture our oak framed houses with sturdy, quality oak posts and beams as standard, and each beam is hand finished, to remove saw marks and to make the oak look lived in. Throughout the process, we prioritise your needs, making sure the design and specifications fit your budget. 

large oak frame houses, tailored to your specifications with Oakmasters' oak framed house kit

An oak framed house for life

Choosing to build an oak framed house is an investment for life. Oak is a luxurious, living and breathing building material, an affordable luxury that adds vitality, and warmth and creates a wonderful ambience. But the aesthetic qualities of oak aren’t the only reason to choose it:

Timeless oak framed houses in the UK

 The timeless elegance of oak frame houses, made to your preferences with Oakmasters' oak framed house kit.

All over the UK, oak framed houses have stood proudly for centuries. Originally built using timber from dismantled ships, these oak framed buildings have not only retained their charm but have also continued to surge in popularity.

The charm of oak framed houses lies in their quintessential British character, and they effortlessly blend into the rich architectural tapestry of the country.  The choice to build an oak framed house is a tribute to oak's timeless charm and its inherent harmony with the architectural heritage of the UK. 

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A faster build with oak

Oak house kits are pre-constructed in our workshops. Once on site, the assembly process is around 30% quicker than masonry.

The oak frame is wrapped in a weather-tight envelope and the outer walls can be clad in any material such as stone, render, oak cladding or weatherboarding. 

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Sustainably sourced oak 

Sustainably sourced oak framed houses, tailored to your vision with Oakmasters' oak framed house kit.

Our oak is sourced from PEFC certified sources. English and European oak forests are managed in a sustainable way, where every felled tree is replaced with more than one new one. Renewing the crop in this way is healthier for the environment. Read more about the environmental impact of oak frame construction

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Frequently asked questions about oak houses 

Can you help with plot finding?

Oakmasters do not offer plot finding services. Please contact your local authorities for help with plot finding in your area.

Can you help with planning advice and planning application for my oak framed house?

Your architect is the best person to help with planning, however, we work with a network of specialist oak frame house designers, who can also help with planning.

Can you design an oak framed house from scratch?

Whilst we don't offer oak framed house design service in-house, we work with trusted architects and oak frame house designers, who will be able to help you directly, offering a saving on the overall process.

I already have an architect, can you work together on my house design?

Yes, we work with architects and surveyors to consult on the specialist oak frame design part of the job. Your architect or surveyor can contact us at any stage, but best to do so as early as possible to avoid duplication of efforts. Oak frame design is a specialist subject and we will connect you and your architect with specialist oak frame designers, to allow you to have the best team in place.

Can you provide a complete design to build solution for my house?

We focus on oak frame kit manufacture only. However, our industry contacts are wide and we will be able to help you pull together a top specialist team for design, engineering and installation of the your oak framed house.

How much does it cost to build an oak framed house?

The cost of build depends on so many factors, so it is almost impossible to give a general answer to this question. Things to consider are: what budget do you think you have for your build, how much time pressure you are under, planning situation, dream design you would like, size of the building you would like, your location, listed status, glazing requirements etc. However, we are able to give you an idea of budgetary costs fairly quickly once we know approximately what it is that you are looking for. 

Is an oak framed house Eco friendly?

Building a house using oak frame is one of the most Eco friendly build methods. Our green oak is sourced from European PEFC certified sawmills, which means it is grown sustainably as a crop. Green oak requires less energy for processing than other traditional building materials such as bricks or steel. Oak frames work well with the most advanced insulation materials and can be adapted to suit passive house standards if required, reducing overall energy consumption. Find out more about the green credentials of oak frame construction here

12-year guarantee 

At Oakmasters, we stand behind the quality and durability of our oak frame with confidence.  We proudly offer a 12-year guarantee on all our oak frames.  This commitment reflects our dedication to ensuring your long term satisfaction and peace of mind.