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One simple way to save 56% on the cost of your beautiful oak-framed garage

Posted 16th Jul 2018

Traditionally when you customise an oak-framed garage you add a little cost to gain personality and character. You pay a little more to get everything just as you want it to be. But, this is not always the case. There are many ways we can help you customise our oak-framed garages to create exactly the same look but to save quite a bit of money on your overall costs in doing so. And, because we’re nice like that, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it. So, if you’re looking for all the lifelong value and beauty of oak for your garage, but also hoping to bring your project costs down, then read on to find out how it’s done.

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Three benefits of oak house frame production using a CNC machine

Posted 5th Jul 2018

CNC machines are part of an ongoing evolution in the technology and materials used in today's timber frame manufacture. Even though many of the techniques used in timber framing date back to the Stone-Age, the tools are ever more precise and efficient. For us, CNC machines the latest example of how our craft has evolved – and, what’s more, they take just as much skill to operate as planes, chisels and saws.

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Self build mortgages: How do they work?

Posted 11th Jun 2018

With the chronic housing shortage currently facing the UK it’s no wonder people are increasingly turning to self build homes as a solution. Many of our customers choosing oak frame houses are opting to build these themselves, using our frames and kits as a base and managing the project themselves. The build your own home market is predicted to grow 41% by 2020 and mortgage lenders are now offering self build finance deals on very favourable terms. Let’s take a look at the opportunities as we review: • What is the difference between custom and self build? • What are the benefits of a self build home? • How do self build mortgages work?

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Making a splash: 3 amazing oak framed pool houses that will have you dreaming about summer

Posted 14th May 2018

The summer months are approaching, but as you can’t guarantee the weather, why not add an oak framed pool house to your property which can give you poolside luxury, come rain or shine? Bespoke oak framed pool houses offer a fantastic way to combine luxury with leisure, and can also provide extra space to entertain friends and family. With additional extras available, such as impressive oak roofs and trusses and stunning glazed doors which can open out onto your grounds when the sun does pay a visit, the possibilities are vast.

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Out with the old and in with the oooh: Why conservatories are giving way to oak framed glass rooms

Posted 20th Apr 2018

UK conservatories must legally have at least 50% of their side walls and 75% of their roof areas made from translucent glass or polycarbonate glazing. This amount of glass means that they can get very cold in the winter and overheat in the summer, making them good greenhouses but not very comfortable spaces for entertaining. Nowadays, people require more versatile use from the additional space they add to their houses. Conservatories don’t allow this and so are gradually dropping out of favour. We take a look at how oak framed glass rooms are replacing the old style conservatories and why.

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Perfect porches: Add an oak porch to your home for a touch of luxury

Posted 29th Mar 2018

A porch is an example of that very rare combination: style and practicality. It can provide extra storage for items such as bikes, boots, coats and bags that would otherwise clutter a hallway, act as a useful shelter from the rain, or offer the perfect place for couriers to leave those all-important Amazon packages. But as well as being functional, tailor-made oak porches are also majestic and beautiful. Your porch is a metaphorical entrance to your home as well as a literal one, and can say a lot about you and your style.

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In a glass of their own: The benefits of oak framed glass rooms over conservatories

Posted 20th Mar 2018

Recent figures show that the once much sought-after conservatory, is no longer the fashionable home staple it used to be, as the temporary and potentially set apart feel of conservatories doesn’t necessarily fit in with the psyche of the modern home owner. This is where oak framed glass extensions come in. More solid and robust than conservatories, glass rooms can be used for multiple purposes, from housing kitchens to acting as ‘link’ rooms between spaces or simply providing a stunning extra living area to a family home.

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Professional advice: Using the latest technology to bring oak garage designs to life

Posted 9th Mar 2018

Thanks to the latest app technology, plus amazing advancements in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), you can take your customers on a visual guided tour of their new oak garage, allowing them to explore the different designs available, and make easy decisions about number of bays, roof type, loft inclusion, dormers and whether they want an external staircase.

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