Building regulations detail & applications

Once you have received planning permission either through us or by your own means you are usually required to make a Building Regulations Application. You can find out more about the requirements on line at

In essence, whilst the planning process deals with what the building is going to look like, building regulations are concerned with the technical details of how it is made. 

Our Services

Oakmasters can take your approved planning design and add the relevant details that are specific to an oak frame, as well everything else required. We provide a full set of designs and specifications for submission to either your local council or to one of the independent private sector bodies which are approved as inspectorates. We have strong ongoing relationships with several of these bodies. We can also provide you with structural engineering design and calculations and all the other considerations necessary for a complete set of building regulations application.

The primary function of this service is to provide you with a solution which meets or exceeds the recognized national requirements for building standards. Once approval has been given to this application you will be able to proceed with the construction of your building.

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There are various different stages of development or involvement at which you might want to approach us and we are always happy to offer areas of our services as and when they are required. To keep things simple we can break our services down into the following areas:

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