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25th Oct 2012

In line with increased environmental awareness around the world over the last twenty years our clients too have become much more eco conscious. Increasingly we see them making architectural decisions and choosing energy sources and materials that have a more positive ecological influence.

From the perspective of local planning authorities, the more eco-friendly your ideas the better, and there are various government grants and development loans available to help and encourage these practices. 

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There are many sound reasons to use a green oak frame as the basis of an eco building project. When we speak about green oak we mean the raw, un-processed timber that is sawn straight from the forest or left to dry out naturally over a short period of time. At this point in its lifespan the timber is softer and easier to work with.

The humble green oak frame comes from a source that is sustainable and can be replenished simply by planting new trees. Green oak buildings are carbon neutral because the trees absorb CO2 throughout their lifetime thereby counteracting the emissions expended in the felling and building process.

In addition, not only are green oak buildings environmentally friendly, the framing process can be 30% quicker than other modern construction methods, saving money, time and emissions.


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