Dream Entrance for a Private Dental Surgery

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2nd Feb 2023

Roka Dental wanted a statement oak porchway to crown their state-of-the-art practice. The custom-built, 100% oak porch is the crowning glory of this Milton-Keynes-based business, transforming a former residential property into contemporary business premises.


“I contacted Oakmasters after viewing the incredible work on their website,” said Roka Dental’s Alastair McMullen. “It quickly became clear they could do the job. We began the process immediately after speaking with Oakmasters’ designer Val.” Oakmasters quickly delivered designs to the Roka Dental team, which were signed off and put into production. “I was kept updated on progress all the way through the process,” said Alastair. “It was great to see pictures of the porch being milled. It became clear that the porch is fantastic quality and built from the best materials.”


The Oakmasters team managed the entire process, from commissioning to production and installation. The new porchway creates a statement entranceway for Roka Dental’s clients. “We’re a modern dental practice, and we aim to provide our clients with exceptional service. The porch reflects our ethos, and the investment demonstrates our commitment to only investing in the best. It has real presence.”


How did the Roka Dental team find the experience of working with Oakmasters? “When you look at the quality of materials, the design, milling and manufacture, you can tell it’s first class,” said Alastair. “It’s above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

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