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Trusses and roofs for extra head room

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Vaulted ceiling with exposed truss above jacuzzi and pool (5456)

Simple and modern exposed trusses (5471)

Raised tie trusses and timber roof (5488)

Raised tie trusses in large glazed family sunroom (5491)

Raised tie trusses above bespoke oak kitchen (5493)

Handmade oak kitchen beneath raised tie trusses (5495)

Exposed oak raised tie trusses (5497)

Raised tie trusses above brick fireplace family room (5499)

Raised oak tie trusses in family sun room (5501)

Glazed gable and raised tie trusses (5505)

Raised tie trusses in kitchen and dining extension (5506)

Raised tie truss and king post truss forming part open dividing wall feature (5507)

Raised oak tie truss and rafters in kitchen extension (5508)

Raised tie truss and glazing in country kitchen extension (5509)

Smaller raised tie truss in garden room (5512)

Exposed raised tie queen truss in open timber roof (5513)

Multiple exposed raised tie trusses in glazed sun room (5520)

Raised tie truss created extra height in barn style games room (5523)

Barn style games room with exposed raised tie truss (5524)

Swimming pool vaulted roof truss (5530)

Vaulted ceiling with exposed truss above jacuzzi and pool (5531)

Vaulted swimming pool roof with raised queen tie truss (5532)

Swimming poor vaulted roof with raised queen-tie truss (5533)

Queen tie truss in large indoor swimming pool (5534)

Raised tie-truss in swimming pool room (5535)

Glazed swimming pool room with raised tietruss (5536)

Open raised tie truss raises ceiling height above swimming pool (5537)

Ceiling height raised with open ceiling and exposed raised tie trusses (5538)

Traditonal exposed trusses in glazed link room (5606)

Glazed link room as sitting room with exposed traditional truss (5607)

Traditonal exposed trusses with lighting in large family sun room (5608)

Exposed traditional oak trusses with chandelier (5609)