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Trusses and roofs for lofts and attics

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Queen post trusses, raise tie trusses and raised collar trusses are perfect designs for creating room in loft spaces.

Simple and effective queen post truss design (5522)

Oak queen post trusses in a contemporary loft office (5475)

Exposed oak purlins and queen post trusses in a modern loft (5521)

Raise tie truss made it possible to create a lovely loft bedroom (5486)

Cavernous loft space with raised tie trusses (5487)

Exposed oak roof and complex queen post trusses with a loft ladder (5489)

Small attic room with exposed oak beams and oak purlins (5490)

Detail of a dormer window and oak purlins in a small attic (5492)

Detail of open trusses in a small attic room (5494)

Unusually designed trusses in a small attic bedroom (5496)

Exposed oak beams and trusses make this unusual attic bedroom (5498)

Attic bedroom with contemporary exposed oak roof trusses and oak purlins (5500)

Creative detail made from a raised tie truss (5502)

Irregular shape of these oak trusses gives this loft bedroom an interesting dimension (5504)

Garage loft space with raised tie trusses (5503)

Exposed roof rafters and oak trusses make this garage loft look like a cosy cottage (5510)

Oak trusses and exposed rafters create unique ambiance in this entertainment loft space (5511)

Queen post truss forms part of the doorway into this loft bathroom (5516)

Exposed oak rafters create a point of interest in this bijou but stylish bathroom (5571)

Exposed oak roof goes beautifully with dark red and gold colour scheme (5517)

Oak queen post truss frames this attic bedroom beautifully (5514)

Crystal chandeliers compliment oak roofs beautifully (5515)

Beautiful landing with exposed oak rafters and a crystal chandelier (5518)

Detail of oak rafters meeting in the apex of the roof (5519)

Detail of exposed roof rafters above a bed (5569)

Cavernous loft bedroom with a stunning exposed oak roof (5525)

Very large queen post truss creates a large space in this loft (5526)

Detail of how oak rafters meet oak purlins (5572)

Beautiful detail of exposed rafters converging in the apex of the roof (5574)

Exposed oak roof structure makes for a very cosy loft space (5593)

Cosy mountain lodge-like loft room complete with a ladder (5595)

simple oak ladder gives access to this beautiful oak loft (5602)

Oak roof with a glazed section (5453)