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King post trusses and open vaulted ceilings

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Internal oak frame with roof supporting oak trusses in a manor house kitchen (6092)

Manor house dining area with open vaulted oak roof (6093)

Feature king post truss livens up this office (6094)

A sieries of oak trusses in a long dining room in a beautifully designed modern oak extension (5797)

Stunning roof detail incorporating oak king post trusses and a glazed gable end (5798)

Vaulted ceiling with king post trusses make this dining room feel light and airy (5796)

Open plan vaulted space with oak roof structure incorporating oak posts, full or partial oak trusses and oak purlins (5982)

Family living space in an open plan kitchen diner with oak king post trusses and exposed oak purlins (5981)

Classic vaulted ceiling design using oak king post trusses, oak posts and oak purlins (5980)

Modern kitchen with vaulted oak roof (5749)

Modern exposed oak trusses (5476)

Open vaulted ceiling featuring oak king post trusses (5747)

Kitchen diner extension with vaulted oak roof (5748)

Detail of king post truss in a modern oak framed kitchen extension (5750)

Glazed vaulted extension with king post trusses (5751)

Clever use of loft space behind an exposed oak truss (5598)

King post truss with curved braces forms part of this gorgeous exposed oak roof (5603)

Oak king post truss and exposed roof rafters with oak wall cladding (5570)

Complex vaulted roof structure incorporating oak trusses and steel beams (5435)

Complex roof design with exposed trusses and oak rafters (5437)

Simple king post truss with oak rafters (5439)

Detail of oak roof apex with exposed rafters (5440)

View up the stairs into a stunning vaulted oak roof (5441)

Unusual gothic oak roof design incorporating a large oak finnial (5442)

View into an oak gallery with exposed roof structure (5443)

Oak framed landing gallery with exposed roof rafters (5444)

View along an oak landing gallery (5445)

Landing gallery built with curved oak braces and oak posts (5446)

Low pitch king post truss (5447)

Large bedroom with open vaulted ceiling (5448)

Stunning oak roof design spanning over double height hall (5449)

Beautiful detail created with multi directional oak roof rafters (5450)

Glazed gable detail on a stunning oak roof (5451)

Complex oak roof design of an octagonal garden room (5452)

Glazed gables and king post trusses create a wonderful ambiance in this sunroom (5457)

Contemporary glazed sun room with exposed trusses (5458)

Minimalist oak trusses appear suspended in air (5459)

Queen post truss an an external feature (5478)

Simple minimal open ceiling and exposed truss (5479)

Exposed truss and vaulted ceiling on minimalist kitchen extension (5480)

Open vaulted ceiling and large oak frame bi fold doors (5481)

Modern truss in open ceiling (5482)

A floating queen post oak truss has been installed in a country barn bedroom to create an illusion of a vaulted ceiling (5971)

This queen post oak truss is supported by an internal wall on one side to create a vaulted ceiling effect (5972)

Exposed truss and curved beam on glazed balcony (5483)

Exposed oak truss and oak frame bi fold doors frame garden balcony views (5484)

Detail glazed oak truss above balcony door (5485)

King post truss and exposed timber roof (5539)

Open and walled truss in entertainment space (5540)

King post truss in open vaulted ceiling (5541)

Open and walled truss in entertainment space (5542)

Small exposed king post truss in office space (5543)

Enclosed and exposed truss and part vaulted ceiling (5544)

Exposed king post truss forms decorative partition wall feature (5545)

King post truss and clad ceiling (5547)

King post truss and exposed rafters on open ceiling in entertainment space (5548)

Detail of open vaulted ceiling and exposed oak rafters and beams (5551)

Vaulted ceiling in double height hallway with gallery balcony (5552)

Exposed oak vaulted ceiling with oak rafters (5553)

Vaulted ceiling with exposed beams surrounding velux window (5555)

Traditional king post truss and open ceiling in small bedroom space (5556)

Spot lighting on king post truss and vaulted ceiling (5557)

Velux window surrounded by exposed rafters in open ceiling (5559)

Traditional king post trusses (5560)

Simple king post truss and curved braces on open ceiling (5561)

Exposed rafters and chandelier in vaulted ceiling (5563)

Exposed oak king post truss above partition wall frame (5564)

King post truss and exposed rafters in bedroom (5565)

Simple and clean oak truss and rafters in open ceiling (5566)

King post truss around internal wall and part open ceiling (5567)

Exposed oak king-post trusses in large open hallway (5568)

Exposed kingpost trusses create extra height in games room (5573)

Lighting fixed to exposed king post truss (5575)

Detail king post truss before glazed gable (5576)

Vaulted ceiling and truss above oakframe windows in country bedroom (5577)

Vaulted ceiling under construction (5578)

Exposed beams and truss in country hallway (5579)

King post truss before project completion (5580)

New king post truss and vaulted ceiling extension integrates with period part of hallway (5581)

Exposed open ceiling allows for extra light in hallway with small window (5583)

King post truss divides sitting and dining area in light filled sun room (5585)

Oak columns support row of king post trusses in extension under construction (5586)

Extension garden room divided by exposed truss (5587)

Exposed oak rafters of a high vaulted ceiling (5588)

Open ceiling with exposed trusses during construction (5589)

High open ceiling with visible rafters (5590)

Large king post truss amongst barn style exposed beam features (5591)

Walled king post truss and rafters on roof project (5592)

Exposed oak truss and open ceiling during build (5594)

Exposed king-post truss and open ceiling in country sitting room (5596)

Walled exposed truss and partial open ceiling (5597)

King post truss and multi-directional open ceiling (5599)

Exposed truss created feature above window (5600)

Exposed truss frames small window (5601)

A long kitchen diner space with an oak open vaulted ceiling featuring king post trusses (5979)

View through a set of oak king post trusses above a gym (6145)

Gym room with oak king post trusses above (6146)

View from a mezzanine office through an oak truss (6147)