Two sided beam covers

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Our two-sided L-shape oak beam casings are designed to cover unsightly corner structures such as window lintels or pipes. Hand crafted with great attention to detail, you can hardly tell them apart from solid oak beams. As they are made from two pieces of kiln dried oak, different sides can be crafted to different lengths so that they fit snugly around the object to cover and into the adjacent structures. They can be combined with solid oak beams and complete oak beam layouts or structural oak frames perfectly.

Oak cover for an upright concrete post (4792) Enquire about this image

Oak-cased steel joists in a contemporary home (4779) Enquire about this image

Oak beam casings with a modern surface finish (4781) Enquire about this image

Oak casing for a window lintel (4793) Enquire about this image

Oak clad lintel frames this cottage window (4794) Enquire about this image

Window lintels covered in oak casings (4797) Enquire about this image

Large steel joist disguised with an L-shaped beam casing (4812) Enquire about this image

L shaped beam cover detail with oak rafters (4813) Enquire about this image

Detail of double sided beam cover and roof rafters (4814) Enquire about this image

Two sided oak beam cover over a modern staircase (4815) Enquire about this image

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