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Four sided beam covers

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Oakmasters beam covers are hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are almost undistinguishable from solid oak beams.

Our four-sided O-shape beam casings are designed to cover unsighlty vertical or horizontal structures that require covering on all four sides, such as concrete posts of steel tie beams. Each side of the casing can be made a different length to fit snugly into the building structure and the casings can be combined with solid oak beams and rafters. For extra long beam covers, we provide hand made iron straps crafted by our local blacksmith.

Extra long oak beam cover with iron strap (4789)

Oak covers disguise this load-bearing steel beam (4788)

Suspended steel joist with oak beam casing and a metal strap (4790)

Complex roof structure with oak-encased steel joists (4791)

These joists are covered partially on four and on three sides (4800)

Extra long oak beam covers are joined with a blacksmith-crafted iron strap (4801)