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Three Sided Beam Covers

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Oak beam casings are designed to change the aesthetic of unsightly beams and lintels. Made from thinner pieces of kiln dried solid oak, expertly hand crafted to be almost indistinguishable from solid oak beams, beam casings are perfect to cover steel or concrete that may have been specified by the architect due to length or expected load bearing stress.

Three-sided U-shape oak beam covers are designed to cover load bearing steel beams, usually on the ceiling. They can be installed alone, or combined with solid oak beams or rafters, for a complete ceiling beam layout. For extra long beam casings, we supply hand wrought iron straps to cover the joints along the length of the beam.

Three sided oak beam covers in a stunning contemporary kitchen diner (4807)

Unsightly steel beams covered with oak beam casings (4811)

Steel roof structure with ceiling lanterns disguised with stunning oak covers (4804)

Disguised steel structure with oak covers (4810)

You can't tell these purlins are not solid oak (4808)

The purlins on this vaulted ceiling look undistinguishable from solid oak (4809)

Detail of the oak clad vaulted ceiling (4799)

Stunning contemporary living room with oak beam covers (4802)

Oak, gold and burgundy - a perfect colour palette (4805)

Oak coverings for unsightly steel beams (4803)

Oak-clad steel beams were used to span a very large distance in this open plan modern home (4806)

Beam casing, post and brackets are perfect partners (4783)

Oak post and brackets supporting an encased steel joist (4784)

Long steel beam covered with oak beam casing (4775)

Oak-encased main beams support smaller oak beams (4776)

Joints on extra long beam casings are covered with iron straps (4777)

Disguised load bearing ceiling beams (4778)

Oak beam casings covering load-bearing steel joists (4780)

Aged surface finish on oak beam casings (4782)

Large RSJ with oak beam casing (4785)

Double-width steel joist with oak beam casing (4786)

Oak beam casings can be made to any size (4787)

Very large steel main beam encased in oak (4795)

Large oak beam casing for a single large steel beam (4796)

Oak beam casing for a load-bearing lintel above a bed (4798)

Large oak beam casing disguises a steel joist and adds character to a modern house (5964)