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Open porches

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Flint stone house with an oak porch (5428)

Oak porch with carved detail and sunken oak truss (5995)

Large open oak porch built on listed building (5996)

Small oak porch with a king post truss and red tiled roof (5434)

Oak porch with raised tie truss (5992)

Open oak porch adds character to a modern brick house (5993)

Traditional oak porch on a small brick cottage (5429)

Wide timber porch (5423)

Welcoming oak porch with uncomplicated design (5424)

Large oak porch (5417)

Open oak porch with overhang (5418)

Oak porch supporting the floor above (5419)

Simple but effective design for a porch (5420)

Open porch with oak posts and brackets (5421)

Brick house with oak porch (5422)

Coastal house with oak porch (5426)

Luxuriously large open oak porch (5427)

Modern house with traditional oak porch (5430)

Oak porch adds character to this newly built house (5431)

Brick and render house with oak framed porch (5432)

Wide and shallow oak porch (5433)

Oak porch with Far East inspired design (5416)

Oak porch frame kit (5425)

Oak-porch-oakmasters-with-oak-truss (6174)

oak-porch-oakmasters-with-oak-post (6175)

oak-porch-oakmasters-with-oak-truss-oak-rafter. (6176)

oak-porch-oakmasters-with-oak-truss-oak-rafter. (6177)