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Oak roof for a luxury pool and leisure complex

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Luxury pool buildings can sometimes benefit from that special little touch provided by a vaulted oak roof. The owner of this stunning pool and leisure complex contacted Oakmasters and asked to help with the design and supply oak trusses and roof components for this project.

Luxury swimming pool building enhanced with a vaulted ceiling featuring structural oak trusses (6135)

Lounging area overlooking to pool also has a view of glazed oak truss (6126)

We love this view of the blue sky through the glazed oak roof. (6129)

The view across the swimming pool and out through the glazed oak truss and wall is inspiring (6127)

The oak trusses provide an ideal place to fit mood lighting (6136)

Glazed gable with feature oak truss (6133)

Looking up from the swimming pool, you get a stunning view of the vaulted oak roof (6130)

Head spinning view up from the swimming pool (6132)

You can get a peek of the oak vaulted roof through the wooden staircase (6128)

Looking from the swimming pool back to the leisure and accommodation area, with oak trusses (6134)

The gym room also features a vaulted oak ceiling (6139)

The gym room's oak ceiling allows natural light to flood in through the roof lights (6140)

At the other end of the gym, a small office sits up in the oak roof (6141)

Lovely view through the oak trusses above the gym area (6125)

View out of the open plan office (6143)

The guest rooms are within the oak roof structure of the pool building (6142)

The oak roof structures seamlessly connect individual areas of guest accommodation (6131)

A themed sitting area within the guest rooms (6138)

The oak roof structure perfectly compliments the neutral decor (6137)

A small lounge area within the guest accommodation with oak vaulted roof (6144)