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Spectacular posts, brackets and doorways

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Oak posts and brackets do not just fulfil a structural function. They can create lovely aesthetic features anywhere in the house. From wide archways dividing open plan spaces, through posts adding depth and structure to long hallways, to chunky posts supporting ceiling beams and breaking up the space in large rooms, there is always a good place for an oak post. Design is up to you. All brackets are hand crafted and can be range from contemporary, minimalist, to ornate, hand carved beauties. Browse through some inspirational ideas below.

Oak beams, posts and carved brackets create a lovely doorway - 1509023 (4872)

Simple oak posts supporting oak ceiling beams create a frame for this sofa - 175228 (4873)

Oak posts and brackets supporting an oak lintel - 151228 (4874)

Oak posts create a pretty frame around this window - 133044 (4875)

Oak posts and curved brackets supporting a large lintel - 164736 (4876)

Oak posts and bracket giving additional support to a large ceiling beam - 133306 (4877)

Curved and carved oak brackets - 165334 (4878)

Oak posts and brackets frame the entrance to this staircase - 133403 (4879)

Curved oak bracket detail - 165336 (4880)

Open oak doorway creates a dramatic exit from this hall - 170946 (4881)

Modern oak posts and brackets in a pool building - 171348 (4882)

Unusually shaped contemporary oak brackets - 171645 (4883)

Traditional oak post and brackets supporting a ceiling beam - 162253 (4884)

Modern minimalist oak post - 120313 (4885)

Reclaimed oak posts in a contemporary hallway - 165609 (4886)

Oak posts create a frame for this landing - 172044 (4887)

A contemporary twist on a traditional oak bracket - 45337 (4888)

Straight oak brackets are a way of simplifying a busy frame - 112841 (4889)

Large glazed panes and straight oak brackets - 112912 (4890)

Simple straight oak posts and brackets - 113114 (4891)

Traditional oak post and curved oak brackets - 120516 (4892)

Unusually designed oak posts and beams add depth to this hallway - 144815 (4893)

Oak posts with open spaces make for a great room divider - 150255 (4894)

Spectacular oak columns - 151544 (4895)

Circular oak columns supporting ceiling beams - 151620 (4896)

Unique design of oak columns and ceiling beams makes for a fabulous visual effect - 151715 (4897)

Oak columns in a hallway - 152200 (4898)

Oak posts and beams create a lovely walkway - 152407 (4899)

Oak posts - 134734 (4900)

Use oak posts to create an airy room divider - 135847 (4901)

Open room divider made from oak posts and brackets - 140420 (4902)

Oak posts complement and support this ceiling layout - 140830 (4903)

Try leaving the internal oak structure unfilled for a wow factor - 141526 (4904)

Minimalist oak ceiling beam and post structure - 174841 (4905)

Oak beam, post and bracket detail - 174950 (4906)

Structural oak frame with oak posts and small oak brackets creates a lovely entrance to the staircase in this oak barn (5973)

Structural oak frame is exposed in this internal wall to frame the entrance to a stairwell (5974)

Oak posts and oak brackets frame part of this lovely long oak landing (5975)

A clever design uses oak posts, oak brackets and oak trusses to create a large, open plan space in this newly built oak barn (5976)

Structural oak posts break up the open plan space in this area with low ceiling (5977)

Leaving an internal oak framed wall unfilled creates an airy room divider (5978)