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Oak garage complex with guest and leisure space

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Oak framed garage complex with guest and leisure space (5064)

Courtyard formed by two oak framed garages and outbuildings (5065)

Single bay garage entrance (5062)

Rear view of an L shaped oak garage complex (5063)

Detail of open log store under an oak cat slide roof (5066)

Two open oak framed garage bays with dormer windows (5067)

Detail of open oak garage bays (5068)

Large L shaped oak framed garage with external staircase (5069)

Games room in the loft of an oak framed garage complex (5070)

King post truss in an oak framed games room (5071)

Exposed oak roof makes for a beautiful billiards room (5072)

Internal view of guest accommodation in an oak framed garage (5073)

Oak framed garage with guest room above (5074)

Exposed oak truss forms the entrance into the loft room in an oak framed garage (5075)

Exposed oak roof detail in a garage loft room (5076)

Unusually shaped oak truss (5077)

Cosy fireplace corner with oak king post truss (5078)

Exposed oak frame in a large oak framed outbuilding with loft (5079)

A series of exposed oak trusses and oak roof rafters (5080)

Oak king post truss with raised tie (5081)

Feather-edge clad oak framed garage complex (5082)