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Oakmasters encapsulation systems

Oakmasters offer complete fexibility when it comes to choosing the encapsulation system for your home. We offer a 12-year guarantee on both our prefabricated encapsulations systems as well as our uniquely engineered glazing system. Alternatively, you can opt for a frame only option, if you have other solutions in mind for your own project.


Choose Oakmasters Frame only package when you already have architect’s designs and specifiations in place. We can either supply the frame in kit form for your contractor to erect on site, or we can deliver and erect the frame for you, ready for your contractors to encapsulate. This option allows you to retain complete control and flexibility over your project with regards to the wall build, allowing you to follow your own or your architect’s specifiations.


Choose Oakmasters Q-Wall system if you are looking for an encapsulated oak frame solution with excellent statistics for both air-tightness and insulation properties, whilst providing a relatively slim wall structure. Oakmasters Q-Wall is a complete encapsulation system using structural insulated panels (SIPs) supported and complemented by our structural oak frame. The panels are pre-constructed off site, specifially to your house design, which minimises material waste as well as time spent fiting panels on site. This encapsulation system can be varied in thickness to achieve target U (insulation) values. It provides complete flxibility for positioning of the services and is suitable for most exterior fiishes, including stone, brick, rendering and wood cladding. Oakmasters Q-Wall system uniquely allows you to expose the oak frame features on the outside of the walls and the structural oak frame on the inside of your house.


Oakmasters sustainable system Q-Wall Eco is a premium oak frame encapsulation solution providing outstanding insulation and air-tightness. It also fulfills excellent green credentials by using sustainably produced closed panels together with the oak frame. The panels are pre-constructed off site specifially to your house design, thus signifiantly reducing material waste as well as fitting time on-site. Oakmasters Q-Wall Eco system is uniquely designed to give you full flexibility in terms of target U (insulation) values, positioning of the services and choice of exterior finishes, such as cladding, stone, brick or render. It also allows you to reveal oak frame features on the outside of the walls and the structural oak frame to be visible on the inside of your house.


Choose this unique solution engineered by Oakmasters when you want to include large sections of glazing in your oak frame. It is perfect for garden rooms and sun rooms, large glazed gables or pool buildings. The system uses drip profiled, fully air dried oak capping, which is carefully conditioned for outside use. We use spacer bars, routered drainage channels, weather strips, high plasticity sealant, flashing and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber seals. There is even a cavity for humidity venting and extra insulation, if required. This highly sophisticated system helps to eliminate the possibility of leakages either around the glass or through the oak frame itself. Further more, the insulation properties of this system are far superior to other systems, greatly reducing cold bridging, thermal resistance and keeping your house warm and dry. Similarly to our Q-Wall systems, this solutions allows you to have the structural oak frame exposed on the inside of the building, with oak features also visible on the outside walls. Get more details here.